it’s hard to tell but I took out a bunch of rock from the right side

Now I can view from my side window


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just posting pics of some of my corals
this thread is more for my own journal
planning on upgrading soon
tank is 210 aga
lights g5xr 30 x3 with t5 supplements
calcium reactor and protein skimmer
co2 scrubber
no fuge or no biopellets

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thanks for looking
That is a gorgeous tank!!! Well done - and I love that you have it built in to the wall I want to eventually get a tank like that built.


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You sure you want to mess with that tank and set up a new one??

I know you will use same Rock n equipment but there will be some changes

IMO I wouldnt Mess with it till it tells you to mess with it

You might spend years trying to get back to what you had

That’s one of nicest thanks I’ve seen in a long time

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