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hey guys / gals, i'm new to this site and still finding alot of new stuff. Anyway hope it dos'nt sound stupid but i was checking the for sale and trade section and it only shows me the last 15 posts. How can i check the older ones? Like if i have'nt been on for a bit. thanks
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Once you have opened to the Marketplace page - all the way over on the left side you will see a list of the forums, click on the one that says 'For sale/for trade' - or any of the others and you will see all of the posts in that particular forum broken down by page in newest to oldest order :)

...or you can use the 'forums' tab on the blue info bar (on the home page) and that will also take you to that same version of the for sale forum (and others)


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Once you're in 'Marketplace', there is a column of sections on the left hand side. Click on that 'for sale' section and it will give you the whole section with pages listed on the bottom.

You can also use the column to see the vender's older post, as I think they are only allowed one post each on the market front page.

Also, check out the 'Forums' drop down from the top horizontal bar. There are forum sections in there you wont find any where else like 'dont break the chain'