Tank is Leaking!!!!! Water is everywhere..Please Help!!!


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Well thats what I Said when I walked in my office 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes my 220gal broke a seem and leaked everywere. Thanks god I walked in the office at the right time becasue I got the fish/coral out beforethe tank was bone dry. I did lose some coral because I had to put all these sps colonies and 300lbs of rock in my 400gal sump with 1 MH since I have pipes everywhere..Thank god I have a big sump or I would of lost everything... The tank was set up 3 years ago to the exact day it leaked:smash::smash::smash:...

Here was my 220galtank thread leaked


Here Is my new Tank Build!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I decided to step it up to Marineland DD 300gal Starphire since I had the room. I plan on taking things slow and not sure if I should put back the 400w MH or o LED's.... Well enjoy the pics and you know I be back stronger then ever!!!!
Thanks to Tito from Gotham for the new tank!!! He went out of his way to get this tank right to my front door!!!
More Pics to Come so come take the ride!!!!! This build will only have SPS and nothing else since my house tank is all softies!!!!



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Nice Job on the stand. I love the dimensions of the DD300. That one is definitely on my list for when the tank upgrade bug hits.

Good luck with it. Looking forward to seeing the build progress.


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That tank is sick. Is that 3'wide ? So much more room and options for aquascaping. Do you have to upgrade the equiment also ? Can't wait to see the way this bad boy progesses good luck with it. JMO but really do some homework when you pick what lighting you will install. LED v t5s.