The Simple 40G Soft Coral Tank


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Well, with whatever spare time I have left (which I guess falls into the "I should be asleep hours LOL) ... I decided to set up another tank ... mainly to transfer my soft corals and LPS from the my main tank, the 93G Cube.

Big thank you to Ruha456 for the excellent tank and stand! Another thank you (even though he beats me up for my lunch money ...) Irv aka Bubb for the sump, skimmer and lights!!!

On to the set up.

Tank specs:

40G BR RR (36x18x16")
Marine Life Aquatics Sump
Marine Life Aquatics Skimmer (yeah yeah ... whatever ... it's a softy tank, keeping it as simple as possible!!! Unless I find a nice Vertex IN-80 F/S)
Mag Drive 5 Return pump
Koralia 3
Koralia 1

2x 150W Ushio 14K MH with 2 96W PC's (I am pretty sure they are 96W ... I could be wrong ... ... I was also thinking hanging a couple Par38 bulbs instead of the MH, but we'll see)

Still need to get some LR and LS. Probably going with a DSB for a pair of Jawfish.

Pics to come!!! Hopefully I will get this tank filled tonight, at least with fresh water. lol.


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You KNOW you shouldn't be posting stuff like this without pics, but we'll let you slide due to all of that practicing (and sleep) you do! lol

Looking forward to the pics, it sounds like it will be a happy tank :)

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