~~~My 90 Cube tank built~~~


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So i finally purchased the tank i always wanted. That would be the 93g Marine land tank 30x30x24h. This tank will mostly be sps :) Here below is what i will be using to run this tank.

Reef Octopus 1000sss Skimmer
Phosban reactor running phosban and carbon
filter sock
Custom King Sump

Tunze 6045
Mag 7 (return)

2x MH 150W total:300w
4x T5 39w total: 156w
Reef Brite LED

Other Equipment
Apex Controller 8 unit
Bubble Magus doser
Tunze ATO

I have about 280 Lbs of Live fiji and tonga branch rock
30 lbs of White Caribbean sand


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So the stand was al brown, so i decided to paint it over with black paint on the outside and white on the inside. Also painted the back of the tank black and put a black mat over it. Here are some pics of what the tank looks like.



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Nice dude!!! Are you going to transfer the contents from your 60g today?
No im keeping my 60 lps tank, Im swapped everything out from the 57 deep blue i had. Hated that tank because the over flow took half the tank up.

So here the tank is all filled up.


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nice tank. What kind of paint did you use for the stand? Latex, spray paint, i am in the process of painting my stand and canopy please let me know so I can go buy some and get my tank started lol

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