Marek's 225 gal DSA upgrade


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Very sad day :(

If anybody is thinking about getting a Medusa - DON?T DO IT !!!!

My got pulled by mp60 yesterday and released some powerful toxin which wiped 70% of my fish. I?m so upset !!! Learn from my mistake, they not suppose to be that toxic I?ve been told , but they are - stay away from it !

Here is a picture

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Wow, sorry to hear this. A lot of the snail, cucumbers carry poisons, which they can release when they're attacked or die. So may things get sucked into Powerheads, it seems that they're just an accident waiting to happen.

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Charles in lindenhurst had the same thing happen not to long ago. I dont think he lost as many fish tho. All your fish were so beautiful, I'm really sorry to hear this. How are the coral? What fish do you have left?