GlassCages 70 build.....


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Apex - Net access (still need to setup on my phone)
Light setup & Programmed
Swapped out bulbs - 3 blue+ and 1 coral plus
Pumps in place - cleaned and adjusting
Ordered my snails only cleanup crew (I don't like hermit crabs)
Added 10# rock rubble to fuge

I am probably being too eager since my holding tank is looking like *** and probably not doing my corals any favor.

Used MB7 and special blend for my cycling so I hope it sped up the process enough that I can start placing corals in soon. Sadly, I don't have an ammonia test kit.
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Yeah, they were pretty bad about 4-5 years ago when I bought a tank from them. They had a mean old lady everyone used to talk about. She was a b&&&O*I&(*&. She was annoyed taking the order or any possible questions you had.

I am happy I didn't have to go through the delivery process or their customer service. The silicone on this tank wasn't sloppy or had an issue with glass being level.

So pretty happy with the tank itself.

Setup Frag tank for growout and holding.

Tank status:

Going through the beautiful diatom bloom and probably more to come before the tank is in a normal state!
Got my CUC in from ReefCleaners.

I purchased that 1penny macro and they sent me a bag of detritus. If you don't believe me, I have pictures and an email from John stating he has no clue wth they tried to put in there.

I'll be getting my dosing container and setting up my doser.

Hopefully once my diatom bloom is gone......Mach5 will have the recent frag pack available again!
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I've never seen this done before but I'd like to see this blow up.

I am getting a custom overflow box by the one and only Jeff aka Custom King.

So what? Well, I was thinking of ways to glue my corals onto it but don't want that ugly look of crooked zoas, etc.

Resolution: make 1x1 square ledges. Yes, on a overflow box without coral on the ledges it will look stupid. But once you have corals on the ledges and grown into mini colonies......SICK!!


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pictures or none of this ever happened!

let me know if u need help on anything, let me know i'll come out to the jers for you. its been a long time anyway


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So far SPS have been a success. My wild bonsai looked like it was done for. I kept my tank as stable as possible and it is now recovering color and PE. I started alternating days of dosing and feed rods/LRS so they have a constant food source.

What I have been feeding my tank:

ReefEnergy A+B
AcroPower - once a week ~7ML (don't dose RE A+B that day)
Rods Food - tank seems to love this more than LRS
LRS Reef frenzy - very clean

Rods food my whole tank reacts and see my sps PE start to go nuts in a good way.
LRS food - I have Randall's anthias and the female is pretty picky and doesnt go after food like she does when I use Rods food. I also don't see my corals reacting the same way. It's only my observation so if you are objective then I suggest using what your tank works best with.

I dose 5ml of each ReefEnergy to add food and aminos.

This has worked great for me.

Right now my tank is only consuming about .5dkh a night. I dose 10mL of alk (keeps me around 8.8.-9dkh) and my cal and mag stay at a constant 420ppm and 1350ppm.

So I am pretty happy and can't wait for my tank to explode into a full blown reef.

I dose 5ml mb7 about 3 times a week instead of their recommend 5ml/25gal as well as every 2 weeks prodibio biodigest.
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Btw just updating my coral addiction list:


SPS Montis
  • CB Bling Bling Cyphastrea
  • Tyree Pokerstar
  • Superman
  • Android
  • JF Violet Orange
  • CiG Tyree Seasons Greetings

  • AX Red Table
  • AX Green with Orange tips
  • AX Rose Milli
  • AX Green with Blue tips
  • AX Deepwater Blue with Green tips
  • AX Deepwater Blue with Red Polyps
  • CiG Raspberry Nassuta

AX = Aquarium Xcellene
CiG = CullyisGully


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Here is my custom overflow box by Jeff aka Custom King

Here is how my "ledges" look.

I really love how it turned out especially with the ledges. Anyone that decides they should do the same, I recommend going with closer to 2x2 ledges. I went with 1x1 and feel it was too small. The plugs are too big but the upside is it will look like it is floating even more.

In person you can't even see the ledges unlike you really look.

I'll take more pictures of my setup shortly.

Custom King

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Custom Overflow Cover!


Glad that you received the overflow cover and you're happy with it. Thanks again for your business it's greatly appreciated. Here's what it looked like before he received it and installed it in his tank. The cover has 20 Frag ledges (10 front and 5 on each side).