Hockeynut's 180 build


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Jackson, NJ
I have been toying around with the idea of upgrading from my 90 to a 180 well the time has come and the big boss gave me the thumbs up
This will probably take a little longer then I would like to get to the end product but I have started the process.

Tank will be a marine land / AGA non reef ready 180 - 6'x2'x2' with a ghost type overflow from modular marine running either herbie or bean animal full syphon
Sump will be reused from the 90 and is 75 gallon tank
Stand will once again be natural cherry flat panel shaker style
Skimmer is still undecided but will be the best I can afford due to the fact I plan on a heavy bio load.
Water movement will come from a gyre xf-150 and two mp-40's
Return is undecided but will be external
I will be using sand but it will be a bit larger so it dosent blow around
Lighting will be 3- 250W metal halide, bulbs undecided but leaning towards 20k radiums and 4-80w t5 and maybe a couple reef bright LEDs for POP
I will be running my diy calcium reactor for alk and cal
Ato will be reused and is a tunze
Uv will be reused and is emperor aquatics 25 w
All controlled via Apex

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