Break's build

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Hackensack, NJ
I started this in April:

A little background and pre set up pics:

So, after starting this process in October, I now have a tank (see my other thread -- My new one came today and I will have it plumbed and probably filled by Saturday.


Custom build by Planet Aquariums in Texas.

Custom built stand
72x28x22 rimless. Starfire front.
Glass holes 3000gph overflow
Custom 40x18x16 fluid Design Sump, 15 gallon Fuge section and 20 gallon ATO built in.
3 Ecotech Radion G3's with wide angle lenses
2 Mp 40's for now
Bubble Magnus Curve 9 Skimmer
DC1200 return pump
Tunze ATO
Apex controller
Ecotech Reeflink


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Hackensack, NJ
Sorry for the crappy pics.

Current Fish:

True Moorish Idol Pair
Bonded pair of Friedmani Dotty backs
Pair of hooded wrasses
Lunatus Wrasse
Lanceolatus CF Wrasse Supermale
Punctatus Wrasse Supermale
Bellus Angel Female
Golden Pygmy Angel
Caribbean snow bass
Royal Flasher Wrasse
Mimic Tang
Dracula Goby and x2 pistol shrimps

Not too much Coral yet:

Jawbreaker mushroom
Rasta Zoas
Australian Orange Hammer
Black Torch
Marble Hammer
Cherry Blossom Blastos
Multiple Acro/SPS frags


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