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Old 06-16-2016, 01:15 PM
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E's 90 Gallon SPS Tank

After a few years with the Elos Midi, and now that work has settled down some, I've decided to finally upgrade to a 90 gallon (SPS) tank.

I've been running some sort of fish tank since 2007 or so, but I've never had a full-on SPS reef. I usually run mixed tanks with LPS and softies.

This will be a slow, steady, methodical build. I'm not rushing or taking shortcuts. I'm going to buy the best equipment I can (and only once, hopefully).

Here's what I have so far:

Tank: Standard 90 gallon (48x18x24T). I bought this a few months ago but haven't set it up yet.
Stand: I will pick up a marineland stand soon. I also have a cabinet that is used for my electronics. I don't like keeping electronics in the sump section, as the leak and salt creep potential is too high
Sump: DIY 30 gallon glass tank
Lighting: I'm undecided right now. Leaning toward ATI Sunpower. I'm not going with LED only, and I'm leaning toward T5 over MH due to heat concerns, but I'm not 100% yet.
Flow: I have 2x Tunze 6095s, an Ecotech Marine MP40, and an MP10.
Skimmer: No idea. I have had a nano for a few years and as such, I have not been keeping current. Suggestions are appreciated. Anticipated budget is somewhere in the $300-400 range.
Return pump: Laguna maxflow (not 100% on GPH yet). These are awesome pumps.
2 Part Dosing: leaning toward the Apex Dos system. They get great reviews, and I like the quality pump heads and motors.
Controller: Neptune Apex. I'm looking at setting up an older iPad as a display on the cabinet, and am looking at adding some accessories like the water detectors and buying the Tunze cables (how does the Apex compare to the 7096 that I already have?)

Additionally, I ordered a piece of white cutting board for the bottom, as I like the protection that it offers and want to start this tank BB. I am going to try buying and trading for SPS locally, rather than buying fresh cuts from the ocean, as I believe they are hardier, easier to care for (known history), and it's less of a strain on the environment. My wife bought me a DSLR so I should be able to finally take decent pictures.

As for livestock; I have 2x clowns and a cardinal that will be making their way over. As for the rest, I'm planning on adding a few anthias and a tang (not sure which; but it will need to be small enough to live its entire life in the 90).

Any tips or comments are appreciated. Thanks for following along.

Elos System 70 SPS
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