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Hi Folks,

Welcome to the build thread for my 300g tank.

My fish room in the basement is almost done. My stand is being built and I am closer to being ready to give my collected rocks a muriatic acid bath. Once I do that I will figure out a rockscape (make sure it is safe seeing as I am running a barebottom tank) and know how much rock is in the DT versus having to remain in the sump.

In the end due to costs of a custom tank and the concerns I had around age/price/refinishing of used tanks I decided to jump on a brand new Marine Land from the Reef Shoppe Sale!!

This build will probably take me at least one-two more months. The basement still has boxes in it, the custom steel stand needs to be finished, etc but I finally found all of the equipment I want. Plumbing is next.

I?ve had some stuff for years, some things I bought brand new, some things used from trusted others.

Here is the what:
  • 300g Marineland Tank with Starphire front with the standard overflow
  • Custom built and welded in my basement 30? Steel Stand
  • New Rubbermaid 100g sump
  • 80g DB rimless tank (my old DT) used as a huge refugium
  • 20g QT

  • Life Reef VS3-36 External (will sit inside of the sump on a pedestal) Protein Skimmer with DC 12000 Skimmer
  • 400+ lbs of rock (tonga, fiji, pukani, marco, BRS regular, etc)
  • No sand but I have ordered tons of mangrove pods and will develop a huge huge (80g db) and may have a remote DSB in a container that lives inside of the sump or also in the huge.

  • 60? ATI 8 Bulb Sunpower
  • 3x Radion G 1 (I have no interest in upgrading these)
  • variety of LED strips and LED type Fuge lights if necessary for shadows because I am a hoarder
  • The ATI and Radions will be on a moveable track so I can easily access the tank.
  • 300 W Marsh LED Plant light for fuge
  • 2x 150MH Sunpods for frag tank (not sure what kind of frag tank, but tiny frags can get lost in a 300g. I may decide to use the 80g DB as the frag tank and then use my OLD 65g acrylic sump as the fuge and of course I already have the 100g Rubber maid as the sump (which will hold excess rock for biological filtration and my huge skimmer and whatever else). That way I can recycle as many things as possible. I can always add mangroves/macro algae to the rubbermaid and the acrylic sump.

  • Panworld 250PS Main Pump
  • 2x Gyre 250
  • 4 MP 40
  • 1 MP10 (in sump to sweep detritus that lands on the bottom)
  • I may add some pp20s to be able to account for the nooks and crannies that exist after rock work is added. Gyre and MPs simply cannot tackle some rock work issues.
  • Control:
  • Apex Classic
  • With: 3x EB8 and the salinity monitor, Break out box
  • On 4 dedicated 20 AMP breakers- outlets located near, but above the tank
  • 800 w Finnex heater (may order 1 other)
  • 1HP Chiller

  • Apex DOS for automatic water changes
  • GEO 612 Calcium Reactor, Aquatic Life pH Controller, Milwaukee Regulator w/ Solenoid, 20lb CO2 tank using Extra Coarse ARM Media.
  • 3 head Bubble magus doser and 2 BRS Dosers in case I exceed the capacity of the Geo 612 and/or need to dose other things
  • Red Sea Pro Salt (I will see if I still need PRO after using the Calc reactor. Not sure what I would change to otherwise.)
  • Par Meter
  • I had a sink installed in the basement to make water changes, wash things, dealing with funky fish tank stuff, etc. It will be easier on my marriage!
  • Wife bought me a nice stainless steel 36? x 18? fridge for the basement
  • 30w? UV (not sure if I will use it but I have one!)
  • TLF Reactor for when I may need to run GFO/Carbon (similar to what LIRA gets)
  • 75GPD RODI- I should always have at least 40g of ready FW

I am sure there are a lot of other things in boxes in the basement. I will keep the things that I think may be useful on this build and try to have the presence of mind and time to eventually get rid of things I do not need i.e. my old sump, the 48? ATI fixture, the other pumps, reactors, etc.

Btw, I lost my ENTIRE livestock in the move. The team of contractors unplugged the apex (but plugged the heater in the wall...) and I was out of the country on vacation while they were doing work. Sooooo, everything died. Still sad. So many lives lost, and corals that I only can hope to replace. I have been without a tank since...May?

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