SO: Fish continuously dying


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I have recently switched over to a salt water tank and I continue to lose fish. Water is fine after running constant tests and bringing to a store for tests. I keep loosing yellow tangs, angel fish and just lost my first clown fish. I have purchased my fish from all different locations to make sure the problem wasn't where I was purchasing the fish. I would appreciated any advice or helpful tips. I have lost over $800 in fish, please help! Thanks in advance.


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We need more info than that please.

How big is the tank? How long has it been running? What are your parameters? What testkits are you using?


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How are you fish dying? Are they dying fast, are they scratching grasping for air, or covered in spots or white velvet like? Can you please describe what is happening? It would also help to know how things about your setup? Like the size, filtration and how long it has been running.


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In addition to the info already requested you mention that you just switched over to a SW TANK... switched from what? Was this previously a fresh water tank? If so, are you still using anything in the current tank that was in the previous configuration... sand, gravel, rock? Were any chemicals/medications used in the previous tank for Ich possibly?

Can you possibly post any pics of the current tank?
Best not to add any further fish or critters until the issue is found.

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