My 93 Gal cube tank 1.5 years


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New york
Hi all,

I wanted to share the progression of my reef setup that's about 1.5 years old. I purchased this 93gal cube and stand, 50 gal sump and light (Maxspect 160W 16k) from a member here on MR. Best buy I have made. Many of these corals, and my purple tang also came from some members on MR and each member I have dealt with has been great. I have had my ups and down but luckily more ups then downs with this setup.
Here are a few pics from when I first added rocks and water and what it has become so far but i have a long way to go still.


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Staten Island
Thanks. Hey someone told me you have nice frags of strawberry shortcake sps frags. They recommended you. I remembered the your user name.
Wow that's awesome. If you see them again please tell them I said thank you. If you are ever on Staten Island you are welcome to stop by. Again you're tank looks great.

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