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Greetings fellow hobbyists,

I have 2 of the ecotech mp40wes.

-The 1 on the right in the video works until you attach the wet side piece than it flashes this light sequence with the blinking "W". You'll see once I detach the wet side and restart the unit, it begins to work.

-The 1 on the left in the video doesn't work at all and is making a clicking noise in the power adapter.

Questions I have:
1) what can I do to fix each one?
2) how much will it cost me?

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance folks

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kings park
Hands down ecotech products are the most expensive in the hobby. But your also getting great customer service and reeflink making you able to control your products over the phone without buying apex. So I think after all is added up. There product is a good deal

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