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Just wanted to show the progress of this little tank that we are setting up. Will be doing a weekly update and a breakdown of everything that is being used and going into the tank.
So the first pic I attached a piece of flat Marco Rock Prime Cuts onto the back wall using silicon. This was started on 5/17/17
The next pic was shot on 5/20 with the scape finished and water added.
The overhanging rock is made up of 2 pieces of Marco Rock glued together.
I used Dr Tim's One and Only bacteria to get it started.

Equipment thus far:
Innovative Marine 14g Peninsula Tank
Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED
Flipper Nano Mag
Cobalt 50w Neotherm Heater
Chemipure Blue
Dr Tim's One and Only Bacteria
Deep Blue Digital Thermometer
Marco Rock Prime Cuts and normal
Nature's Ocean crushed coral sand

Hope you guys enjoy following this little tank evolve and if you'd like to see it in person, it is on the register counter so you can see all 3 sides! Please don't touch though as we are trying to keep this system stable and if you have any questions feel free to send us a pm and I will respond back asap.