34G Solana Build


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New York
Alright folks - getting back into the hobby after an 8 year hiatus. Tricky to keep a large tank in LIC though. Quickly upgraded from the 9G ADA Planted I had for a few months. Long-term journal for the hell of it!

-Blue Spotted Jawfish (PopCorals)
-Longnose Hawkfish (PopCorals)
-Lawnmower Blenny
-Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (PopCorals)
-Davinci Mocha Occellaris

CORAL: [Frags/Mini Colonies]
-Aussie Purple Tip Hammer (iCoral)
-Neon Green Candycane (iCoral)
-Bright Orange Mush (iCoral)
-Eternal Fire / Rasta Zoanthid (iCoral)
-Pink Tip Red Plating Montipora (John70)
-Orange God of War Zoanthid (John70)
-Purple Gorgonian (John70)
-Rainbow Acan
-Red Goniopora Flowerpot (impulse buy)

Scooped up an old 34G Solana from a fellow reefer (@LaCoCaNostra) and some dope rock from (@tacson)

Pics of the old planted, converted to SW, cleaned 34Solana, figuring out LR/BR scape, fish, and first day fully up n running tank shot.

Planning a vacation soon so no new additions until Dec. but I've learned some patience in this game.

Stay tuned for more!

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