Tank swap 54 corner to 92 corner


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My 54 running since March 2017 is being upgraded to a 92 corner...
Same spot so I have to do a breakdown and build up same time .
New tank is drilled (yay!!!)
New sump, skimmer, sand bed (switching from crush coral to graded Fiji pink live)
Power heads, lights, apex, ato reservior, rock , corals, fish being swapped...
In middle of making 100 gallons of ro to mix...
Figure 40 gallons from old tank,, 70 gal New
And the rest to rinse rock and dip coral b4 in New tank...

I have to remove rock and coral
Drain water into pail
Put fish in transfer bucket
Slide out old tank
Slide in New tank , add water, rock, fish, corals, New live sand...

Lined the tank stand with 40mil shower pan liner.,
Installed sump, skimmer and plumbed up nice,,,ato res will fit under as well...

Any suggestions ????


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