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Seahorses yea!
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Haven?t done one of these in a while.
So here it is:

Had a fluval edge nano at work and what originally started as a 60 cube seahorse tank about 5-7 years ago. Had a great time with those, edge broke and became a 100% loss and the cube is being broken down as we speak.
I?ll admit I did fall out of love with it for the last year or so because of traveling for work. So it became a chore for my wife to feed the tank,etc.

Moving on to now. I found a used Elos mini. (20 gallon) that I started moving stuff into.

I made a whole wall of white bookshelves, and the tank will become the focal point of that wall. (Once the 60 cube moves out)

Left side of the tank will be the electric/ maintenance part.
-Big plans for a ATO to be hidden in the left small bookcase. Along with the electric in the top part of the same bookcase keeping the sump and additives in the bottom of the tank. Still hidden.

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Seahorses yea!
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Happened to move most of the coral from my 60 cube and everything is settling in. Have some left overs I?m getting rid of slowly.

So here?s the electric up on the top left of the bookshelf section.
ATO is going to go on the bottom.

I?m a designer so I wanted the lines of the tank to match up with the open parts of the bookshelf. So I built a pedestal to raise the tank about 7?. Here is it from the front

Added a kessil to the sump area.
Re-used a extra reefkeeper I had to automate the A80.
Here it is at night.

Some specs:
-Elos 20 gal. I believe starfire glass on front 3 sides.
- hate having a screen top so going to do a artfully acrylic screen top eventually.
-MP10 with shield to put up high and crank!
-Battery back up for MP10
-Reefkeeper lite Controller
-Ai prime Light
-Ehiem 1200? Pump, nice and slow and steady.
- Elos sump- with gutted Ato part for more water volume. With live rock rubble/ cheato and a clear jar for corals to heal in soft flow.
- sump Light - kessil A80 controlled on reefkeeper to fade in/out. (Had all pieces needed so why not)

I?ll try to cover the tank residents tomorrow.

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Howard beach
nice set up just fuge light might be to high whole sump gonna get algae, should lower and focus it to where you want your cheato to grow but great little set up love the way you centered between bookshelves


Seahorses yea!
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Thanks! @PolandSpring and @Rich!

Can?t get that gooseneck any lower on the kessil. Thought i almost broke it the other day. Might have to explore other ways of mounting this thing. Lol. @rookie2reef

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Seahorses yea!
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Today?s shot:
January 9th. Tank is about 3 weeks old. (Transferred from 60) so no cycle. Business as usual.

Randall?s goby
Platinum clown (Wyoming white?)
Black Ice clown? (Not sure)
Cleaner shrimp
Clown goby

Green stuff. Lol
Green pocci
Blue polyp sps of some sort
Green leather (maybe nepthea)
Green hammer
Green tipped torch
Green and purple frogspawn
Asst mushrooms
Orange monti cap
Blue ridge
A tiny GSP Island
And finally a zoa Island.
Beginning to have a problem here.

Front tank shots.

Clowns top right.

Right side view

Left side view

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