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Hello everyone its been awhile since I?ve posted here. The tank has been having its ups and downs. Mostly downs from the Pukani Rock to the point where I just recently replaced it I was getting tons of algae and no matter what I did it just kept spreading. Eventually I took the rock out and within a week there was no more algae. I added some Marco rock and just today I received my Bonsai frag trees. I just put them in my tank and I really like the look. Hopefully all the parameter stay as stable as they have been and I cN finally start enjoying the tank. I have also been buying frags fro the past couple of months and can?t wait to see them grow. Below are a series of picture leading up to today.


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Looks great,

May be only me, but i like better first pics, were start with Pukany, those rocks hold a tremendous amount of Bacteria , also , those Gyro pumps was better in first option, push water under the rocks and end up right on overflow box, remove Detritus faster and more efficient , have it on sides skip the overflow . Those flat shape of Marko Rocks will hold up lots of Detritus , needs to be blow constant. Anyway is your choice , tank looks great , no matter what.:party: