Bruzzerfish 80g mixed reef!


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Hey mr,

Had a new tank running about 2 months and I thought it was finally time to share. Upgraded from a 57g.

Tank- 80g Deep blue professional with eshopps eclipse large overflow.
Custom stand, pvc skins and molding. Oak top.

Lighting- 2 kessil aw360?s tuna blue wide angle

Water movement
1-ecotech mp10
2-tunze 6055
1-Jeabo wp10

Sump-eshopps Es-200

Return pump- sicce syncra 2.0

Skimmer-Simplicity DC120

Thanks for looking


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Live stock list

2 Ocellaris clownfish
green chromis
Purple tang
Yellow fin flasher wrasse

scarlet reef hermits
Astrea turbo snails
Nertile snails
nassareas snas
cerith snails
Blue tuxedo urchin
Blood red shrimp

Nuke green palys
Hammer coral
Cup coral
Green plate monti
Trumpet coral
Wwc og bounces
Eclectus Jawbreaker
Deadpool jawbreaker
Kryptonite jawbreaker
Green nepthia
Pink and gold zoas
Pink zipper Paly
Electric Clove polyps
Wwc Sunkist bounce


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It?s been a while since my last update.

Everything is coming along with out problems.

Lost my flasher wrasse to carpet surfing, almost lost my blenny too but found him on the floor before it was too late.

Coming in the next few weeks will be a frag tank/mushroom grow out tank plumbed into the main system and also a 20 gallon ATO hidden in the closet next to the tank. Stay tuned