Dream 300DD tank build!!!


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East Meadow
Finally got my dream tank a 300DD!!????. Going to take my time with the build. I got a great price for tank and equipment. Not going to use the lighting that came with it(Acan 600 series prism). I?m going to use 6 AI 52?s!! I need a new external pump!! Would love to hear what I should use and how many gph I should use for a mixed reef?? I also need a new pump for my Precision Marine Mach 1 skimmer. So help with that too if you guys can point me in the right direction. It?s been about 2 years since I?ve been in the hobby and I?ve been dieting to come back and wouldn?t do it I?ll I got my dream tank.. so hear I am and can?t wait to get it running. And info is much appreciated!!


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Congrats... 300dd is a great tank, there is so much that you can do with the aquascaping. Take your time, don?t be afraid to ?rearrange?, and enjoy.

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