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lancaster pa
Hi new tank build tank the tank is currently cycling wasn?t gonna do a tank trend but I said I?ll give it a shot
size is 96x30x30 375g all starfire
tank is euro braced on top and inside on the bottom tank has two external overflow rated at 3600 each and sump is 300g
tank will be sitting on a 100?x40? steel stand made with 2x2 tubing
lighting is going to 4 Radion g4
return is 2 l1 Vectra
Flow will be 3 gyre 350 and 4 mp40 Vortech
Skimmer is a Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Deluxe 300 Internal Skimmer With RD3 Speedy
Rock work has real Tonga branches and real reef branches also some base pieces
Water change salt mixing is 250 gallon tank
And the ro tank is 300 gallons running a jebao 15000 for mixing and changing water
Frag tank is separated from system 60g with a 20g sump


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can i ask the company that built your tank? ill be looking for a new tank next summer and want to start my research