New build 40g ext


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So been in the hobby for a couple of years never really did a write up, had a lot of ups and downs. Learned a lot thru out the years and still learning.... recently had a 25 lagoon up and running for over a year. I don't like the AIO no more so my wife just got me a 40 ext for my birthday.cant wait to have it up and running. O btw took everything out of my 25 and put in her 24 jbj. I?m going to just start all over and share along the way. So far I have 40g ext tank, cadlights stand bought from member on MR, axium 350 protein skimmer, mp10qdw, Radion g4 non pro,aquatic life 24? t5 hybrid fixture w/ 2 blue plus, 2 true actinic,apex Jr, tunze 3155 ato, eshopps 10g ato container, caribsea life rock arches and shapes 20lb of each, AI prime hd for refugium.future purchases trigger systems 20? cube refugium,Dc return pump not sure which one maybe ecotech s1, miracle mud for refugium, caribsea special grade reef sand and I should be ready.Pictures to come....


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