Shoutout! Red Sea Max S 650 is ready


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New Jersey
Nice tank, hopefully one day I can sneak something this size in the house without my wife not noticing.. definitely jealous.. is the bottom left side of the stand not touching the floor or is seem it in the picture ? also not sure if you might have an issue with the floor radiator being behind the tank maybe some one has some experience in that can advise.. either way best of luck.


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I had this tank for years. It’s a great setup. Few issues I had was the sump is tight and they have no way to use filter socks. The stand has an aluminum frame with a particle board skin that has a laminate on it. I had to add vca water diffusers to the return line that I split into two. I also added them to the little returns in the overflow. I swapped out the four ac pumps in the overflow for on Vectra S1 and plumbed them all together. I ran it with a Regal 250ss. I paid the heavy price for the artfully acrylic top and was very pleased with it. Any other questions hit me up.