Juano's 120gals Dream Tank Build


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Hey buddy,
Not much to update, tank went thru a quick ugly stage and got son powdery bright green algae the only lasted a week.
Tank still has no fish since after the lost of my PB and Blonde Naso Tang and still 4 more weeks to go fishless.
I was supposed to go to my buddy Rachid (@Thatguy96) but sometimes came up and couldn't make it.
Planning on starting setting up my calcium Reactor soon.
The test corals I've got from my friend are doing really, growing and showing better coloration than when I got them.
This is the very 1st time I've seen an Acro frag coloring up in one of my tanks instead of loosing coloration, lol

Overall tank is doing very well so far and I'm very happy with it.

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Your frag pack is waiting on you boss! Look forward to seeing these pieces grow out in your tank!!


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Here is a before and current picture of one of the test frags, really happy with the improvement.

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