The beginning and the end!


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The end and the

So it’s unfortunate that I have to sit here and write this. It’s both an exciting but also a painful time. So on 3/26 I wake up to a sick dog that never messes in the house. With that being said I knew it was going to be a bad day, to make matters worse I step in it. The “shitty”day has started.

After cleaning up I walk to my door and notice water everywhere. Popped seam on my reefer 750. I put in a call to my boy Ryan of Island Fish and Scale(if your on Long Island best place hands down for service, livestock, and dry goods). He responded quickly helped save my livestock and took it all to his shop for safe keeping until I got my new set up. Wait did I mention we had limited time because I had to be to a burial as my wife’s Grand father had passed? So all in all it was a crazy day.

Fast forward a few weeks, Red Sea customer service was great. Tank arrived they sent me a package to get me going and boom tragedy hit. A fire hit the shop where my livestock was being held and I lost everything. Fish that I’ve had for 5 plus years, colonies that started to grow and thrive. GONE in the blink of an eye.

So today I sit here with what was set to be my dream tank looking barren and pathetic, only with minimal life. Hurt, pain, anger, frustration all the feelings that I am experiencing here. But then hope. I have hope that this will be the thing that allows me to escape into it like I’ve done for so many hours before. Hope that I can provide an environment that my future inhabitants will thrive in. Hope that I can move on from the losses I had with my 750(aptly named Darkside Reefer), and that this time when I begin it will be with a purpose.

So for this build let’s chat

Reefer 900xxxl in white
2 XR 15 pros
2 xr30s gen 2(will be upgrading when I can)
Aquatic life t5 4 bulb hybrid
1 vectra M2
1 for 20
RSK 900
2 reef wave 45s
2 gyre XF 250s
Avast kalk stirrer
Skim MBR157 macro algae reactor
Neptune apex
Coral box dower 4 channel
Kamoer peristaltic dower for the kalk

Fish and coral can’t really begin to wrap my head around how and where to start here. I’m lost. But follow this thread, and hopefully when I get over my camera shyness follow my youtube channel. Should be up in a few weeks. Name to follow.

First pic is how my tank looked before I took it down. For the new tank I'm going bare bottom NSA and it will be SPS dominant with some softies here and there.

"Progress is the path you've traveled

Goals are the directions you follow to your destination."



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So sorry to hear man, holy s*** that was a wild ride you had. You will come back stronger, more vibrant and this tank will be better then all the tanks you ever pictured. It's unfortunate as well sad and I can't picture what was running through your mind. I probably would've broke down in tears tbh! You got this brotha.

When you are ready for some coral I got you with a frag or two!


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Insane hmu when ur tank is ready I'll throw you sps. I don't have much h but I got you with 3 nice frags. Gl buddy

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Sorry , to hear that , happened to me 2 times in 30 years, to bad i can help , i start again , Thanks to TUSI , BYU, Arlondo 24, Vincent ( the rich guy) i got only Frags for now,