Words don't describe this tank


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There is a great shipwreck tank in the Reef HQ, the Great Barrier reef marine park authority's aquarium in Townsville Aust. The wreck itself is about 20' long and is heavily encrusted with growth. I have dived a number of wrecks and this looks just like the real thing. I think it was used to talk about artificial reefs. There is a very nice leopard shark that lives inside, I cant even guesss how many millions of gallons this tank is.
The shipwreck in that guys tank in wales is a little too cheesey for my taste, he may as well have a diver with a treasure chest as well.


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absolutley beautiful ,there was a lot of good planing in this project,very well done for a DIY, with the whole family involved chould not get any better,just read the first 20 pages sofar have to read the rest ,great great job alan


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