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VEry nice Mark ,love those leather looking good ,
GReat job ,keep up the good work ,,

House of Laughter

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Ossining, NY
And a seaclone skimmer - YIKES WOW

Mark, you need to skim that better or do mad water changes - not only those fish, but a flame andgel and 4 B/g Chromis -

Skim SKim Skim - where's Jackson when we need him ;-)



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I don't have a Flame Angel that's a fire clown i have another skimmer running in my sump an aqua c urchin I do a lot of water changes every week!
Hey Peter thanks for the compliment. Hey peter if u want some Zoo's I know someone selling real cheap and nice like the ones I have coz I think u mentioned to me u also liked zoo's. He is also a member his name is NYC REEF

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