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I'm completely digging that color and it's only a pic. I bet it's crazy green in real life!

Life is good here on the road. (Today's lunch was another story. I was one of the first guys in the place at lunch, yet it took me 45 minutes to get a sandwhich. The other 10 or so guys from the crew (who came in after me)had their food and were paying the bill before I asked to see the manager. and yes, I did end up shouting while the place was filled at lunch rush. and yes. there were a few *choice* 4 letter words thrown in for emphasis. but of course I got the 'we're sorry you feel that way, we're really busy blah blah blah.' After all was said and done, I left with my sandwich. Ten minutes later the second half of the crew shows up at the same place. (they'res only a few places to eat by the theater) and what do you know. the server finds my ticket. The one she should have given to the cook an hour before. So it's 100% her mistake, and now she knows. I like to call that instant karma)

Other than that, life out on the road is great! I'm in Syracuse NY this week, and Toledo OH next!

I SO miss the city, my backyard, my tank, The bbq's. I can't wait till june to get back!

Take care all!


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Glad you like it Brett, and yes, it is crazy green and that pic is under 10k's wait til they get under 14's

Slama, No, I haven't had the time and forgot. I'll recheck


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