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that's nice set up you got there.
Thx alot I love it!

Show Looks great man wish u the best maybe you'll stay with this one for good.
IDK Mario I was looking at some houses for sale i think my 300G in wall is very close!

awesome job man.. really nice aquascape..I like it ...
more pics man..
Thx, ur the aquascape king! It was kind of challenging to do aquascape, didn't want to interfere with the vortechs flow and this is all i came up with! will be adding more soon!

Nice pieces and well put together Naquan..
Thx I try hard, Yeah i kind of didn't want the normal everyday tank thread.

Looks good. I like the idea of some fish pics as well!
NP. fish pics coming soon i don't have many fish, all of my other systems i made the mistake of overstocking and my corals suffered from it in the long run, this time I wont! Ill add some pics soon, All i have are:

Purple, Yellow, and Naso Tang, Tailspot Blenny, Purple Fire Fish, Yellow Assessor, And Two True Percs!

Good Job considering you're still a noob Jiggy:)
Thx, Everything i do i try my hardest at and i do a lot of reading and research as well as network with a lot of my fellow reefers so far as knowledge goes im about 5years in lol (still alot to learn). You'll see me on here crying soon enough gonna try this SPS thing out!

After a year and 1/2 in the hobby my tank looked like mud. Great job so far. that red ric is insane!
Thx man, you all have some great things to say makes me feel good, Thats a Orange yuma one of my fav pieces.

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