Supercharged 12gal eclipse


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Boared and wanted to share this is my kids 12gal eclipse the first day I brought it home I pulled out the grinder and cut a section of the back installed a modified remora skimmer box and remora , ran it like this for about 8 months but had some heat build up in the summer even with the skimmer off in the daytime so I removed the pc light and installed 4 royal blue and 2 white cree leds that took care of the heat issue . This lighting was enough to keep an rbta healthy for a year so thats good enough for me . As if the skimmer ( wich is rated for minimum 20 gallons) wasnt enough I installed a vortek mp40 on it had it from another tank its on the lowest setting but I think its overkill .
So what you got on my eclipse I'm ready to race for pink slips


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