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You shoulda tried asking for Ive been to so many shops in the city, queens , up state and florida and cali. the last thing I want is some kid asking me DA YAH NEED SOMETHING? Following me around the store. If I wanna chit chat Ill talk to you guys here on the forum.When I was there with my son we looked , then asked for the killer salt deal, and some live stock, the guys jumped! and were knowledgeable about my usual assortment of off the wall questions .Im glad there 15 minutes away.I dont know where you guys shop that are in da city... but imsure you get treated like premadonas.


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Dutchess County
I appreciate both the positive and the negative comments about Fishtopia. My priority is to keep a customer happy and coming back again. I will do everything that I can to improve the store and any customer service issues that anyone may have. I apologize for anyone who feels that they've been treated badly.

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