any rockland pple here?!?!


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Hi there fellow Rocklandiers!

I figured I would share my experiment with you all.
Many have criticized me for this, but I am typically the contrarian type.

I have two tanks, a FW tropical and a 30g SW.
About a year ago, my wife and I were in the fish store and broke the cardinal rule of buying a fish because it looked cute. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this.

We bought a neat bright green spotted puffer, my initial instinct was, wow, a freshwater puffer... That can't be, oh well... Let's give it a shot.
So we got home and acclimated the GSP to the tropical freshwater tank, all was well that evening. I started to read he can be a fin nipper so I planned to move him the next day to an old tank I had laying around. My FW had an angel, gourami, tetras, shrimp, snails... Basically a feast for the puffer..
The next AM, all of the fish were hiding in the grass and behind rocks and the shrimp, well I don't think they all made it. The ones who did were in hiding for about a month after the puffer was removed.
So I then read the this fish actually migrates through brackish to full SW as an adult.
Here the fun begins... I went from a 20+ year freshwater tank guy into the salt water world.

I slowly acclimated him from FW to full SW over the course of about a month with no problems. I read this may be a little rushed, but that was about 10 months ago and all is well.

I then made a few SW rookie mistakes like using tufa/lace rock. Also I had him in a 5g for 5 months. I know again, people said I would fail. Nope!
I had to keep the 5g going instead of upsizing because we were moving out of the city to Rockland I n the spring and I did nit want to have to move a huge tank!
As soon as we moved, my first stop was a LFS for a bigger tank. Went for the 30g.
I also added about 25lbs of dead/base rock. Really nice looking prices too, tonga branches, and some real funky looking pieces with dead coral skeletons all over. Then added about 10lbs of live rock to seed it... Which btw I got in an argument with Beatle about dead rock becoming live again if you seed with live sand and live rock. I said it will. He said it won't. I have a feeling he was trying to make a big sale on me.
I also asked him kindly about keeping a coral with the GSP. He told me I will fail. whatever. He has nice stuff, well kept but not my fav to do business with.

So begins project GSP. Why not. I live near the GSP, I have a GSP fish, Let's get some Green Star Polyps in there!

I bought a frag for $19 from Pets Place 2 and let the experiment begin.
It has been a month, the GSP took about 3-4 days to come out of the purple mat. Initially about 6 polyps came out. Now I have about 11 bright green polyps and about 10 small white ones coming out and getting larger by the day. I assume these will become green? First coral. :)
The purple mat is spreading onto some live rock pieces I put next to the frag so I can frag is further and spread it all over my tank. Maybe give some back to the community if I end up with too much

I have to say I love the chemistry of SW keeping and it has been a real fun and exciting year with only one or two scares.

So there ya have it, I'd be glad to post more details and some pics soon.
So far, everything is going well, the GSP leaves the GSP alone. He even leaves my blue and red leg hermit crabs alone. Odd since they are there to clean up and be food if he needs to chew on something crunchy. He seems to love shrimp, plankton and krill.
What do you think, doomed to fail, or destined to succeed?


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How much r u selling it per pound? Can u send me pics of it to

Whatever you think is a fair price. I'm pleased to get rid of it, though I'll probably keep a little bit of rubble for fragging.

I don't have photos to send you.

The rock has matured for several years in my tank, though it's all been out of water for a few weeks now. So I don't know what you need to do to get it ready for a reinstallation.

I think you'd want to cherry-pick through it, since some of it has some turf algae on it.


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YOu tell me a price I've seen it from$2 to $13 a pound. Are u free this weekend so I can stop by?

I'll give you the low-end price as a courtesy to a fellow Rocklander. My schedule for the weekend is not completely set, but I'm pretty sure I'll be available Saturday morning - not so sure about Saturday after noon or on Sunday. I'll let you know as things resolve themselves.

I think all the rock I've got would fit in the 18 gallon Rubbermaid I've used for water changes, so bring along something suitable for transportation.