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Hi, New to the hobby (friend in this forum convinced me to get a tank). Haven't had one before, spent the last few weeks stalking the forum to read up. Looking to buy either an AIO or Tank with sump, in either case overall dimension needs to be smaller than 35" by 24". trying to stay at least 20g or larger, preferably looking for a set up that has 90% of what I need to get rolling.

Not looking to break the bank since I'm starting out :) Thanks!

P.S. Located in west/Central Jersey, I can make it out to NY but it would have to be on the weekend (I get off work pretty late and the drive is rather far).
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Hi I have a 30 gallon AIO, it has a stand and I can get you set up with everything else I have lights ,heaters , Rock etc . Tank is located in queens

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