Inverts Want To Buy Your "Pests"/Critters/Hitchhikers!


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Looking for people wanting to get rid of their hitchhikers like crabs, clams, urchins, sea stars, shrimps, snails, etc.
If you have something cool enough I can even trade frags if cash isn't suffice (I have things like designer zoas and sunkist bounce mushrooms if its VERY unique).

Examples of things I've been looking for:
Stomatella snail
Decorater crab
Sponge or "Hat" crab
Spider Crab
Acropora/Pocillopora crab
Any type of crab
Mini brittle stars
Various snails

If you don't know what you have, shoot me a message with a picture and I may be interested in taking it off your hands.
Would prefer to meet around Manhattan (Upper West Side is ideal), but we can work this out if you cannot.

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