Tank WTB 20Gallon long drilled setup or budget nano ~20gal


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Name: Mike
Location: Bergen County, NJ

Not looking to spend an arm and a leg for a setup. As seen by the description, I don't mind going cheap end with a 20long setup that is already drilled so I don't have to worry about cracking the tank etc. If I have to go that route in a week or so then no problem.

Only problem is I prefer to have a tank + stand setup if it's not a 20L. I have a DIY stand I made before so I can reuse that and why I wouldn't need a stand if you have a 20L already drilled etc.

If your offering your 20L drilled etc used, PETCO is having their $1 per gallon sale so please don't try to profit off me. If you have it laying around and not needed, then I am likely the guy to take if off your hands.

Thank you,