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Experienced Reefer
Rating - 72.7%
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I just got two fish from there on Saturday, both are very healthy eating like pigs and ick free. The best part is I got both fish for way less then the cost of just one ANYWERE else.


Old School Reefer
Westchester, NY
Rating - 100%
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Again I was There the other day. All of the flame angels were fat and eating like pigs and looked extremely healthy. There was no Ich on them at all. I took a good look because someone here said they were looking for one. In keeping my word I reported back about the flames. I have purchased a number of fish from them and all are still alive and in my tank. They are a great vendor and their quality is amazing. I never seem to have a problem with their service there I just wait my turn.


Advanced Reefer
New York
Rating - 90%
54   6   0
I went to the same place yesterday and notice the same problem, all their flame angels had the same problem you just mention and I notice lately they play around with the prices on the fish, the tank says one price and than they tell you another price. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with the business. Their prices are starting to become similar like any other fish start. It's starting to become pointless with even traveling that far to buy a fish for a price I can get it with a place close to me.


Advanced Reefer
Rating - 96.9%
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Lol we love to criticize and complain lol

I have been to Max Reefs a million times, yes, for the past few months the pricing on tanks has not been accurate but who cares at the prices they sell at.

It happened to me, price said $20, was told it was $28, internally I was like "damn it" but still at $28 it was $35 dollars cheaper than anywhere else.

Every time I go I have to wait for service bc most people don't buy just one thing. I wait and bammm they take care of me.

News flash, every single pet store goes through ich, velvet, etc.

I have been to very expensive stores and have seen sick fish and dead fish.

Fish stores do inspections or rounds to remove dead and ill fish but sometimes they miss or don't get to it.

Stop complaining, learn how to shop, accept that QT is the best thing to do and appreciate their pricing.

The Max Reefs tanks have been prestine for many many many months. With the quantity of fish they move occasionally they will have a sick one.

We complain like there is a perfect store when most of us don't realize that it happens at every single store, every single store!!!!!!!

Some stores, very few but I have seen them are very poorly maintained but max reefs is not one of them.

If you don't like max reefs you are free to go any where else and pay 200% more, sometimes over 300% but god stop complaining and go pay $70 for your flame and $90 for your blonde and $250 for your emperor and $35 for your cleaner shrimp


Advanced Reefer
Rating - 96.9%
94   3   0
I don't think the wife comment was directed to me, I am not complaining at a a good thing

Store worker? You guys are ridiculous

I wouldn't work there, the aisles are too narrow for me and prices are too low for my standards jajajajajjajaja


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