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Can anyone help me identify this little guy? I found him in my tank this morning. He must have emerged from the live rock. Tube anemone?


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I came across your name from an old thread, you had two AI sol controllers. I was wondering if you still had one and if it would be for sale.
Thank you
I am located in Bellmore, NY 11710. I don't really like to take the risk of shipping coral. I have the materials to do so, but the shipping carriers scare me these days.

If you're close enough perhaps it will work out.
Not sure if the fish are still available but if they are I’d like to have them let me know thanks
Hey, saw you were interested in trading corals?(or even selling any?) I have a mushroom that is orange and blue? ( maybe a superman, i'm not even sure but a friend gave me it a year ago and has had babies the grew some.) Im located in Dutchess County too.
Do you have any additional sps packages available ?
Please let me know. 516 316 5137
I can pickup the 2 yellow tangs anytime tomorrow if you still have them. Names Rob and you can reach me at 646-203-8360
She is a true Todd's torch with polyps up to 10" long and very hardy. The Helfire under her is five heads the
blueberry yum acro in the back ground is almost 12" across.
Hey Stan. I am so sorry, but I had a death in the family that day and I had to take an emergency flight out of NY. Do you still need the pump (it is a DCP 12000). I can drop it off in an hour on the NY side of the Tappan Zee bridge.
Hi, got your message about the pump. Thats a good size I could use until Ecotech sends mine back. Im going to be out of town for a while this weekend so unless I get it back Friday I could really use that until next week or so. It is submersible right? I have a hose I believe is 1 or 1.5 inch going up to the return if your pump can fit that on the output. Thx
Ok, not a problem. It is also my back up pump. Let me see what it is when I get home from work.
You think it would work? I can pickup tomorrow after work and see if it fits
Any Homewrecker frag for sale? I don't mine fresh cut it you can fresh cut. Let me know, 917-640-1688. Thanks Kevin.