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@onewickedsvt We have 50 gallons we can make you by Sunday if you could get the other 40 gallons from another member. You'd have to pick up at 10466 and bring your own containers.
im on longstreet as well, the same side as the bp across from the old american legiance....if you need water next day above freezing i can turn on my RO but my membranes havent been changed in a while so probably wouldnt be perfectly 0 ppm

bruno, im a couple blocks towards the bridge on longstreet!

anyone have 75+(maybe 85-90) gallons of RODI water?!?!?!?

I really need to get this tank up and running!
bronx, ny
I am where the yellow taxi parks his car on longstreet.

Water would be GREAT!

I put in an order for a RODI unit and its back ordered. I really dont want to rely on an ebay unit or spend way over my budget for something super fancy. My wife would kill me!
i know exactly where, right next to the guy who works on the mustangs?....youre like half a block from me, i run my RO from the spicket in my back yard so it has to be above freezing for me to make water, currently im down to like 20 gallons....sat/sunday it might be warm enough to turn on for a little while, my unit is small only 50 gpd if its warm enough to run from sat into sunday i can probably give you ~40 gallons then and next day warm enough would be the following friday and i can finish you off if you want...just pm me

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