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If we are looking to make this happen on a Sat or Sun I say we push the date up a bit and get more than 1 or 2 people in on it. Many of us have lots of commitments during the weekends. I think Thursday happy hour meetings are a lot easier to attend on a whim.

Just my 2 cents.


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I agree with pushing it back, give it more visibility and hopefully a larger meetup. The issue is day and location now. Saturday is bad for me, while Friday is fine. Sunday is bad for another member. Thursday might be hard for everyone. The location is the second issue, I personally think that the middle of Brooklyn is best as it fair to everyone. Also might not want to go a bar or something, not everyone is 21+, a pizza place would be best.


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Too many chefs in the kitchen - designate or someone volunteer to set it up... You can't keep asking everyone "where or when" - NEVER going to please everyone


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Ok i guess ill step up. What about:
Oct 11- Friday
Oct 12- Saturday
Oct 18- Friday
Oct 25- Friday
Oct 26 -Saturday

Majority wins. Once we get a date we can see where the closest meeting place would be which i guess would be either Park Slope or BayRidge??

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