Redsea NO3PO4 total kill


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westhampton, NY
Had slightly high nitrate thought I would tighten up parameters by using RED SEA NO3 PO4 X. After 2 doses woke up this morning to a total fish kill. Tank has been stable for over 3 years. BE WARNED

greg 45

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bayonne / nj
Can you supply more information . How big a tank how much did you dose . There are plenty of people using this. Did you contact supplier with a product code / number so they can check there product . This might also help others . Sorry for your loss .


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Amityville, NY
Sorry to hear about your loss. I've been using the product for over a year without any issues. I'm on my 4th 1 liter bottle without any problems.

Can you share some parameters of your tank. Such as tank size, dosage amounts, NO3 & PO4 levels.


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Late reply, but yes I too think too much too quick. I believe it's carbon dosing, and it does not take much to grow enough bacteria quickly (hours) to use up all the oxygen.

Usually good to do your first doses of these things when you are around all day to watch.

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