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Offered, a Frag of my Rose Bubble Tip Anemone. Fresh cut! It's 1-2" across, a little bleached out, but healthy.

1: You must be an ACTIVE member on MR in good standing. If you joined in 2002 and you have 5 total posts, you don't qualify. If all your posts are in the FS/FT forums, you don't qualify, either. Only people who contribute via content will be eligible.

2. You must offer a frag of something to Mr. DBTC before you pick it up.
3. You must pick it up from me, in Brooklyn. I'm available just about anytime
3. If I lose the mother, you must offer me the next clone/split.
4. Your tank has to be at least 1 year old. You have to have a tank thread on MR. You have to have at least 1 Full tank shot in the thread.
5. I can change the rules of this offering.
6. And finally you must offer all future clones of this coral as MR DBTC only, and require all to whom you give it to do the same.


just kidding about the fresh cut. They're splits from a while back.



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Do I qualify?:flirt: My ocellaris pair would love to have a new home.;) Their's got to big, and had to be re-homed.:(
I promise to any, and all clones will be offered in to the MR DBTC only!!


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ahhh didnt read all of them... i fit everything except my tank is not 1 yr old yet and i need to redo my tank thread because of all that ive learned and have changed my ways

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RBTA Clone

Hi Bad Coffee, I would like a clone of your rbta next time you have one available. I have a 72ga bow running since Feb, 2008, I run an 8-bulb T5/HO Current fixture w/ approx. 85lbs LR, I have a pair of clowns in need of a home. I will foward any clones to the MR DBTC forum.
LMK, and Thanks.


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