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Looking for an in sump skimmer to handle 300 gallon mixed reef. Moderately stocked with tangs, pair of clowns and a couple wrasses...
Skimmer section is 14 x 19.5

I've been looking into the Skimz SV253 DC, Vertex Alpha 250 (with neck cleaner), Nyos Quantum 220.

Anyone have any other suggestions or reason why I should go for one over the other?
Thanks for the help


warrior prince
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I favor the Omega Vertex. They are well constructed with premium parts and acrylic and employ a custom designed Sicce pump, w/ custom volute. This makes them quite powerful, but also easy to adjust. They are also entirely ozone resistant and have a built in ozone port. They are by far the best skimmers I've come across, matching power and flexibility with ease of use and simplicity (which is what you want in a skimmer). The Nyos units look promising, though I haven't used one as of yet. The only other skimmer I often recommend is the Skimz Oval Line with an external pump controller. These are quite powerful and the oval offers lots of surface area, and with the external controller they are a breeze to adjust.


Skimmer Freak
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is power comsumption a concern ? can you run a external skimmer ? and is there a price range. ive had 30 plus skimmers over the years
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Hey guys

Tanks everyone for the response. Sorry haven't been on lately but really appreciate the help. I'm helping a colleague who just opened a new hospital so i've been there on my off days. Unfortunately its put the tank on hold/delayed. Hoping to get back on tract soon. Eventually I will go external once I get a fish room setup but for now I'm looking more for in sump skimmer. Would be open to a plan B external skimmer if I can fit it.

reef.right.corals. I actually have the Vertex Omega 180i BNIB but I think I need to go bigger. Ill be putting this skimmer up for sale soon.

NYReefNoob Not too concerned with power consumption and I'm open to all different price ranges.

Hey mike gotta get this tank up so I can stop by. How's it going? I looked into the skimmer you have the reeflo orca

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