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depends if you want internal/external, AC/DC pump.

Im personally using a jebao dc9000 on my 120+40 frag system and I love it. its super quiet, able to dial it back, and it has a great price point. some people have issues with jebao products as apparently they have a high fail rate. Knowing this, when i set up this system, i purchased 2 pumps so i had a backup, but i havent had issues with the original pump yet at 1.5 years out.


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Same here. Have Jebaos running all over the place for years now. Just a reliable as most others i'v used, and for half the price.

OP, 2 Jebao dc6000s would work great.


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I am one of those people who had a jebao return fail on me. I didnt have a spare on hand(stupid of me). This time around I went with a octopus varios 6 which i really like so far I have a spare atman pump and a spare ehiem 1262 pump for back up. If you you do jebao use the money saved to purchase a back up.

It actually depends on your setup if it is a basement sump, manifold chiller, frag tank etc. If it was all that i would go with a reeflo external pump

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