Eheim 3581 Digital Feeder


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Recently bought this auto-feeder from on sale for $29.99. Setting the feed times is no more difficult than setting a VCR :scratch: You can set up to 4 different feed times and can reasonably control how much is fed. It also allows you to "manually" feed via a button conveniently located on the unit. Pellets, flakes and perhaps freeze-dried foods work well with the Eheim. My one complaint with the feeder is the miniscule velcro patch sent with the feeder. :irked: It didn't hold my feeder on my cross-brace and the feeder fell into my tank not long after I attached it. Lucky for me, a quick RO water dip saved the internal electronics from damage and the unit works perfectly now :eek:


michael stern

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new rochelle

I've used these for years.
My one complaint, is that they don't deal with moisture well.

My "hood" is a closed in space 9'x3'x3', with an exhaust fan.
There is still too much humidity for them. After a year or 2, they crap out. I've spoken to the manufacturer, and they told me the humidity eventually scrambles the circuits. A pretty ridiculous flaw for something that will always be in a high humidity environment.