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oh207 what size tank and stocking ?
This is a 65g with light fish bioload and all LPS. I have pair of clowns, pair of rubyred dragonets, yellow clown goby, melanarus wrasse, and one powder blue tang (transferring out soon).
As previously mentioned, I'm not displeased with the Seaside Aquatics, I'm just looking to treat myself and and the tank to an upgrade. It might be that the CS7 is better than the Vertex. Also, I'm considering it because of the name and the hype. But I wanted to ask here to see if others have any feedback on if this is a good idea.

You are in luck, today BRS has a sale on Vertex Omega 180i for $319
I know, this is precisely why I am considering the upgrade. :smile:


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ok here is a little update. while i have followed skimmer's over the last few year's and the new gadgets and do dad's i wouldn't say any new skimmer is that much better then skimmer's i had almost a decade ago. There is mod's and other truelly slight changes that can make a good skimmer great. i would personally say and this is for systems 75g to 120g heavy to stocked 75g to medium stocked 120g. out the box atb was the best, and by best i mean clean it, stick it in tank and easily dialed in, 3rd best build quality, and most consistant performance. my favorite was my vertex in100 body with a atb840 pump and bracket, the body was built really well, ( but had cheap appearance as euroreef did after other companies started making skimmers and all the fancy do dad's. all of the rest were decent to good skimmers but those two were my favorite skimmer. if my system would have been larger the skimz is a awesome built skimmer and it was nice doing a review for them. the alpha 200 is in line with the skimz as well, those 2 skimmers i would say a heavy stocked 120 to a light to medium 220g.

with all of this said i have been skimmerless in my 45g aio cube for around 6 month's, have to clean glass maybe once a week.