For Trade Corals for trade- SPS, softies, zoas, torches


Manhattan Reefs
Hey folks

The swap is almost here and so I would love to trade some corals with fellow reefers. I'm not looking for money, only trades. I prefer to trade for SPS I don't have, but if you have some unusual soft corals, ricordeas or LPS I can trade for them too. I'm sorry, I long forgot the fancy names of most stuff I have, ut I'll try to ID them for ya if needed.

Beside the sps in the pictures, I have a fast growing and good looking gorgonian, courtesy of Sanjay, a rare green Capnella, Green toadstool, a rare green with purple polyps leather, a couple of zoas and some other stuff. Please PM me with questions and see you at the swap. I'll be there helping on Daturday and all day Sunday.


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