Ornate leopard wrasse and Radiant wrasse


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I have two beautiful wrasses that eat everything and I mean everything I throw in the tank. Flakes, pellets you name it. Just curious if anyone has any experience with these fish. I really wanted to add some snails and shrimp to the tank but I have a feeling these wrasses would make a costly snack out of them. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


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I had both fish with snails and cleaner shrimp with no issues but each fish is different. I would be more concerned about the radiant then the leopard. Also if you add shrimp make sure you lower them into the rocks with a net rather then just throwing them in since they may think its food.


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Hello, I keep multiple wrasse, including the ones you mentioned, the issue is that hermits, snail, and shrimp are part of their diet.so if you have a clean up crew you may lose a hermit or shrimp here and there. I'm not saying that they will eat all your crew but be prepared to lose some.

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