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Lindenhurst LI
As some people here know I have been trying for years to find someone that can get me the Yellow Anthias (Holanthias Fuscipennis). My project to keep one started to take effect in mid January once I found someone to get one. I got my hands on a 75G RR tank complete set up, ? HP chiller, some very nice lighting, 100lbs of live sand and 75lbs of live rock. I have had the tank running for a long time with no fish in it what so ever. Once I had the tank all set up I just had to wait patiently for one to become available. It was so hard to get this fish I thought it was going to be imposable. There are only about a dozen caught a year and they all go to Japan right away. So I knew that if I wanted one I would have to beat the price that Japan would pay. So here I am 5 months later after I started my search I finally have my fish. He for now will be the only fish in my 75G tank. I do plain on adding a few more rare fish down the line, but only after he’s well established. The person who sold him to me told me that he is the first one to ever go to states. Hope you enjoy the pic’s. More pic’s to come………..

Him in his shipping bag

Quick pic’s before heading to the slow drip before being placed into the tank. (I am a big fan of copps fish so I had to get the pic like he gets it.)


Here he is in the rubbermaid getting slow drip.


Barnum Island
He is simply beautiful Justin! :) So happy that you finally have him, it has been a lomng time in getting here!
Lucky me, I'll get to see him tonight or tomorrow ;)..oh yeah, and you

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Manhattan Reefs
look at its face and the mouth part again and it looks so much like this:mad:

It must be saying where is my other mate(s)? You better get another one soon. :tongue1::inlove:

Bob 1000

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Manhattan Reefs
Staten Island
Beautiful fish I had the pleasure of shooting today..


  • Diamond under the reef..JPG
    Diamond under the reef..JPG
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  • Diamond 3.JPG
    Diamond 3.JPG
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