One of a kind: Maroon Clownfish


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Nice ehh? :goldfish2

I google'd my eyes out and could only find 2 articles where similar traits were possessed in maroon clowns.


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-I'd like to see if it would pair up with a gold stripe maroon and hopefully be able to breed them in the future, but I probably need to have a chat with sanjay about that first.

-I've found postings of an ORA "jigsaw" maroon but it seems like the last that people were talking about them was in 2006. If the ORA guys would talk about it online then a lot more questions could be answered. I know it's common for maroons to be misbarred but this is far from it.


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I've seen these "variations" at Petco...$16.99

+1 So have I. If you go into a Petco they usually have a tank with about 20-30 Maroon Clown, which are usually beaten the sh*t out of each other. You'll see many of the same variations in the clowns that your has. Some have extra lines others are missing lines while other have crazy line pattern.


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Double that! My big old maroon clown is now is completely battle scarred (presumably from duking it out with my yellow tang, whose fin shapes vary from week to week....) and aside from a small lubbock's wrasse that can stay out of its way, there are no other fish in the tank....doubt I can add any more while its still around....and it looks like it will live forever. At least it stopped attacking my hand every time I cleaned the tank.....

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Can someone tell me how price and quality come into play here? If you all remember when I owned NaCl-H2O, I used to sell tricolor acros for 10.00 a piece, did that in anyway lower the quality of the frag? Sorry,just my rant.

Still a great looking specimen julian regardless of where you got it and how much you spent.
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